For whom is the advice from "Plan.U" suitable?

We offer advise to *all* people who had to flee Ukraine because of the war - regardless of whether they are of Ukrainian or of another nationality, and regardless of their origin, religion or gender.

We think that every person who has to flee from war, destruction and misery from their homeland should have a safe place and good future prospects in our country and in our city, too.

Who is "Plan.U" and "Plan.B"?

Since 2020, the „Plan.B“ counseling project in Tübingen has been helping refugees from a wide variety of countries of origin to achieve a more secure residence status in Germany and good future prospects. Our advice is generally independent, confidential and free of charge for you. In our “Plan.U” project, we focus specifically on people who have come to Germany from or via the Ukraine.

What is the main focus of our work?

Our experience is that people can only plan their life and future in Germany really well when they no longer need to worry about whether and when they might be forced to leave Germany again. That is why we first concentrate on the residence status in the consultation and try to clarify and stabilize it. We provide support, for example, in obtaining identity papers, communicating with authorities or applying for a work permit. In addition, we actively support people in their search for work or housing and with social issues, or put them in contact with other suitable advisory services.

Where and how does the consultation take place?

Our office at Janusz-Korczak-Weg 1 in Tübingen is easily accessible by public bus. From the main train station / bus station in Tübingen:

  • Bus line 1 in the direction of „Französisches Viertel“ - get off at the „Stadtwerke“ stop
  • Bus line 4 in the direction of „Wennfelder Garten“ - get off at the „Königsberger Straße“ or „Stadtwerke“ stop
  • Bus line 13 in the direction of „Aixer Straße“ - get off at the „Königsberger Straße“ or „Stadtwerke“ stop

You can find a link to a city map on which our office is marked here:

We offer a weekly open „Plan.U“ consultation hour in our office at Janusz-Korczak-Weg 1 in Tübingen, currently always on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. You can simply come to this open consultation hour without registering.

In addition, we offer individual consultations in our office, for which you can make a separate appointment with us. For this you should contact us beforehand by phone or email:

If you do not yet speak German or English very well, you are welcome to bring someone with you to the appointments who can interpret for you. Otherwise you must let us know in good time so that we can organize an interpreter.

Come by - we look forward to getting to know you!